The Mixology Wine Flair Classes

The Mixology Wine Flair Classes


Flair Bartending is flipping bottles, lighting the bar on fire, and doing “tricks” behind the bar, either for a competition, or while bartending normally for a crowd.

Competition Flair is very similar to competitive juggling or skateboarding.  Contestants complete a routine of moves done to music, that showcase their skills as bartenders, often juggling upwards of 5 bottles, contact juggling limes, and doing very complex “Cirque du Soleil” moves.  It takes years of daily practice to master and compete at a high level.

Working Flair is completely different from Competition Flair.  The same techniques that win Flair competitions are useless in working flair because working flair is designed to be very fast, and never to spill any alcohol.  Working flair can be learned in a day, and mastered over months instead of years.

Our Flair Instructor, Luciano Spensierato, has more than 18 years of Flair Bartending Experience, and he specializes in working flair.  The wonderful thing about Luciano is that he’s worked in Italy and in the U.S., he’s worked in Fine Dining, and he’s worked in Nightclubs, and he’s been able to use flair in all of those environments, and he will be able to teach you to do the same.  No matter how busy, or how upscale the venue, having a routine that you can perform that will immediately make people say “wow” will give you an instant cachet wherever you choose to work.

We start with simple things, spinning the bottle in your hand, the reverse grip which is the secret to not spilling alcohol, and then the class gets more intense with more advanced moves like the stall and the shadow pass.