Mixology in the Kitchen

Mixology in the Kitchen

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After decades of research, it’s been thoroughly proven that people who drink alcohol-any alcohol-on a regular basis, in moderation, live longer and healthier than those who don’t drink or who drink too much.

It might come as a huge surprise to many of you, who might think only red wine is good for you, or that alcohol is bad, but it’s the proven truth.

It’s nice to go to a bar, but sometimes you want to entertain at home, whether it’s just for your spouse, or your date, or for a hundred people. Entertaining at home can be easy, sometimes instead of working to create a 3 course meal it’s great to have people over and to enjoy a major cocktail as a centerpiece of the evening, and have some appetizers on the side. These “cocktail parties,” believe it or not, were very popular a hundred years ago.

So with that said, here’s what you’ll learn in this four hour course:

How to organize your kitchen for serving alcohol.

The tools you’ll need and where to buy them cheaply.

Mixology Technique, everything from making whipped cream in a Mixing Tin, to Shaking and Stirring like a craft cocktail professional.

How to buy alcohol, and the basics of designing your own drinks to make a signature drink for any occasion.

The Major Mixing Methods that will allow you to look at any cocktail book and decipher the recipe.

The 7 Classic Drink Recipes, that 99% of drinks are derived from, that you can improvise and experiment with endlessly.

Why punch is the best option for a large gathering, how to make large beautiful ice cubes, and a couple recipes to get you started.

Using fresh ingredients in cocktails, and making shrubs, preserving fruit juice with vinegar for the winter when fresh local produce is unavailable.

You’ll then be able to make home cocktails with confidence and ease.

The price is 225 dollars.

Can’t wait to see you there!