Mixology Essentials Diploma

Mixology Essentials Diploma

From knowledge in setting up the bar and cutting garnishes…to ground-breaking formula based training that enables information to be immediately absorbed, if you’re new to Mixology and want to start working and making money bartending, here’s where to start…


The Bar

This is the basic “orientation” for new students, covering:

  • The Essentials: Equipment, glassware, condiments, mixes, bar liquors, standard bar terms, mixing methods and measures.
  • How to quickly memorize and set up a “no look speed rack” to massively increase your speed behind the bar.
  • Why the set up of a bar is very scientific, and how working in our facility will prepare you to INSTANTLY transfer those skills to any environment.
Highballs are like the bread and butter of Bartending.  They are the simplest, most ordered, and easily adaptable.  You will learn:
  • Why the highball formula is the simplest, and most amenable to drink creation.
  • The three types of glassware you must know, and how they changed over the last 20 years.
  • The one thing you should NEVER do with highballs that most bartenders get wrong, and their tips suffer.
Martinis & Manhattans
Drinkers of these classic drinks can be the fussiest guests you have at your bar, and they can also be the best tippers.  These drinks are simple, elegant, and perfectly balanced, and they are a cornerstone of mastering mixology. You’ll learn:
  • How a few drops of vermouth can make the difference between a $10.00 tip and a disgruntled regular.
  • What most bars NEVER do to Vermouth that can make a dramatic difference in the flavor and quality of your drinks.
  • Why Martinis should always be stirred, and how James Bond gets away with breaking the rules when he asks for his to be shaken.
Cream Drinks
Cream Drinks are tremendously popular, primarily with women, as desert drinks everywhere from Cheesecake Factory to craft cocktail bars (where Gelato is sometimes used!).  You will learn:
  • The different ingredients that you can use for “cream” and the benefits and differences for each one.
  • The secret in preparation to creating frothy, emulsified, gorgeous cream drinks with a rich consistency, it’s simpler than you think.
Sours, Margarita’s and Daiquiris
This course covers drinks from Hemmingway’s favorite Cuban libation, to a down home Whiskey Sour, to perhaps the most dominant Tequila cocktail of them all, the Margarita, you will learn:
  • The brilliant simplicity behind the formula that is the backbone for sours, margaritas, daiquiris and all “refreshing” drinks.
  • How to adapt these recipes from nightclubs to craft cocktail bars.
  • The “Half Naked Lady” technique that will make your Margaritas STAND OUT from the other bartenders.
Tall Drinks
Tall Drinks range from the Alcohol laden Long Island to time honored Tiki drinks like the Mai Tai and the Zombie, you will learn:
  • The “secret” ingredient in a Mai Tai that the Italians use for their almond cookies.
  • Mnemonic devices to remember the most complex drinks (7+ ingredients) within minutes.
  • The 4 bottle pickup technique for blisteringly fast, and impressive Long Island Iced Teas.
Cordials, Shooters, and Hot Drinks
This lesson covers a variety of new, dynamic, and popular drinks, from digestifs to warm Irish Coffees.  You will learn:
  • Using the specific gravity inherent in alcohol to create stunning, beautiful, layered drinks.
  • How Brandy Snifters are measured exactly, and how to make use of that to create a warm, intimate, after dinner service.
  • The newest, trendiest shooters you must know to stay competitive in the club scene.
Mocktails, Customer Service, Private Parties, Garnish Preparation, Basic Bar Management
In this multifaceted lesson, you will learn:
  • How to cut fruit, grate nutmeg, and garnish professional for both craft and high volume environments.
  • How a non alcoholic Shirley Temple can be among your biggest source of tips.
  • How to guide your host through a private party, what to buy, when to arrive, how to prepare, to make sure their guests have the time of their lives.
How to Obtain a Bartending Position
In this lesson, students are taught exactly how to find a bartending position, including:
  • How to utilize the best possible text in your cover letter that will make you stand out.
  • Resumes that work.  Why your picture matters, and how to make it easy to read, authoritative, and accessible.
  • The three things you must say in any job interview that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.
Beer and Wine
Beer and Wine knowledge and service are becoming increasingly essential as both the availability and demand for craft beer goes up, and wine becomes more and more mainstream, you will learn:
  • How to open and serve wine and champagne in a fine dining environment
  • The major types of beer, from steam beers, to porters and stouts.
  • How pouring Guinness is different from other beers, and should be treated differently.
  • Behind the Bar knowledge on how to store, stack, and troubleshoot draft lines.
Responsible Service
We each you to be “responsible servers of alcohol with a moral and ethical obligation to patrol the alcoholic consumption of their customers.  You will learn:
  • The hardest part about responsible service, and how to make it easier.
  • A simple, 3 light system so you can instantly ascertain how intoxicated your guests become and make sure they get home safely.