Why Bartend? The Fastest Turnaround

Why Bartend? The Fastest Turnaround


We have a lot of students are Mixology Wine, from very different walks of life: Writers, Students, Ex Military, Nurses, Entrepreneurs, etc.

And they all transform their lives through learning the art of Mixology, but the question is, why?

What is the most compelling reason to learn this, and to do it professionally (for money).

The answer for most people, is simple:

It’s the turnaround time.

The reality is that time, money, and energy are all limited, and most people want to make more money, but they don’t have the resources, the years, tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours to get another degree, or learn a trade, or wait for an investment to return.

The average time to finish our program is three weeks, for people who already work and go to school full time.  Students with more availability will finish faster.

We also based the tuition on the average weekly income of a good bartender, and we found that our graduates made back, in their first 2-3 weeks, working part time, from their tips alone, enough to pay for the tuition of the course.

There is no other training program, no other form of education, that boasts such results, or even approaches them.