The “Star Trek” Effect

The “Star Trek” Effect

Have you ever seen them drink on Star Trek?  It’s amazing.  They say what they want, and the machine instantly generates the liquid, at the right temperature, in the right glass.  It’s perfect.

In Mixology, we call the process of making every drink look like it instantly materialized in front of the guest, that “Star Trek” effect, calling order.  Here’s how it’s done:

Calling order is based on two principles.  The first is that things that take longer to make are announced and done first and the faster things are done last.  The second principle is that things that are less perishable, like slightly chilled red wine are made before things that are more perishable, like a drink made with ice cream that can drastically change in minutes..

As a Mixologist, you need to be ready to teach the servers proper calling order because it will do wonders for organization and customer satisfaction.

Here’s the order drinks are made:

Made 1st

  • Any layered drink, pousse cafe etc.
  • Scotch, neat (no ice) etc.
  • Shots of liquor.
  • Any wine served at room temperature.

Made 2nd

  • Any drink that is built in the glass with ice.
  • Any liquor served on the rocks.
  • Martinis, Manhattans, drinks with all liquor ingredients.
  • Stirred drinks.

Made 3rd

  • Any shaken drink.
  • Sours, daiquiris, margaritas, tiki drinks etc.

Made 4th

  • Any cream drink made with half and half or milk.

Made 5th

  • Any frozen drink.
  • Cream drinks using ice cream or gelato.

Made 6th

  • Any bottled or canned beer.

Made 7th

  • Any draft beer or wine that’s served chilled.  The head of draft beer deteriorates very fast.