How to talk to your parents about Bartending/Mixology

How to talk to your parents about Bartending/Mixology

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Maybe you’re still in high school, ok, maybe you’re in school with a heavy course load, maybe you’re not sure exactly where to go in life.  And maybe you saw a movie, or had a friend, or did a google search, and decided that learning to bartend would be a great idea.  The question is…How do you tell your parents?

At Mixology Wine, we meet with dozens of parents and kids a month, and many times they’re both in the office together.  Typically, what you’re concerned with (Will I learn how to light the bar on fire?  Can I work in a club?  How much money can I make?), is very different from what parents are concerned with (Will you be safe?  Will you make the money back?  Are you too young?)

So we wrote this guide especially for high school students, college students, and kids aged 17-24 who want their parents to support their decision to bartend.  Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t be embarrassed- It’s ok to make your parents a part of this decision in your life.  It’s even ok to bring them with you to see the school, in fact, we encourage it.
  • You’re not too young- At MWI, we frequently see 17 year olds that are in high school, that take classes (with parental permission) so they can work when they graduate.  We’re very fortunate that in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, the age to legally bartend is 18.  At any given time, about 1/3rd of our students are under 21.  There is no appreciable difference between looking for a job when you’re under 21, and when you’re over 21, it’s still about your personality, the places and the people you’re naturally drawn to.
  • It’s safer behind the bar- There are two main concerns that parents have, one is will you be safe (especially if you are a girl), the other is will you make the money back (if you are a guy).  If you want to go to a school like this one, chances are you don’t want to work at just any bar.  You want to work in places that are more professional, fast, and upscale.  Whether it’s the Ritz Carlton, or McFadden’s, the security is top notch and the staff is a family.  In fact, you’ll be much safer behind the a great bar, than you would ever be at the average college party.

You can make very good money- Even working catering, or a bartending job that is well below the average, it’s still possible to easily make $500.00 a week, working 2-3 times a week.