Bartending in College

Bartending in College


Let’s face it, with the economy the way it is, and the rising cost of college, most students need some form of additional income to help pay for student loans, textbooks, and rent.  For students in Grad School, the demand goes up even more, because grad students tend to have a lot less free time, and a lot more financial pressure.

On top of that, most College students are really limited in the kinds of jobs they can have.  They can’t work full time and they don’t have a degree yet, so they’re stuck with work study jobs, retail jobs, or they work on the low end of the totem pole in the restaurant industry, as barbacks, hosts, and the like.

Bartending in College confers social benefits, immediate income, and a job whose hours compliment college classes.  Most college students work part time during the school year, the really busy financially strapped ones are glad to find a “job” that also lets them go out.  They work full time over the summer, and squeeze in a couple of Christmas and New Year’s parties over Winter Break.

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your experience bartending in college:

  • Look for bars that target College Students- Around any school, there are bars that cater to college students, and look to hire college students almost exclusively.
  • Emphasize Social Links and Connections in your Resume- One of the best ways to emphasize yourself to potential employers is to tell them about all the groups, teams, and activities you’re involved with at school.  College bars look for the Bartenders who are the most socially connected, because they want them to brink dozens of their friends with them when they work.
  • Fit Mixology around your life- Remember that school is the priority, and because the money that you can make bartending is so lucrative, often only a couple nights a week is more than enough to fit your needs.  Sometimes, you’ll want to work more, and so it’s good to have some opportunities for Guest Bartending, Catering and Private Parties, for weeks when your responsibilities are lighter and you are able to work more.