Job Placement FAQ

Welcome to the Job Placement FAQ.

In class, we go over a quick overview of some Job Placement information with you and review my helpful, user friendly guide on how to find your bartending job. The guide is complete with:

  • The rights next steps to take.
  • The best, competitive resume style to use.
  • A sample cover letter for applying to jobs online.
  • Great tips on interviewing with hiring managers.

But once you graduate, you may still have some questions about the process or need extra help on your resume. Did you move into the local area from one of our PBSA schools from the U.S. or Canada? Or has it been years since you attended MWI? Maybe you want to find out more about Guest Bartending and the establishments requesting our grads.

No problem! I’m here to help you out, and answer some of the most common questions I receive every day working here!

Simply e-mail me at mwijobplacement (at)

Q. How do I access the Online Jobs Listing?

A. To access our Online Jobs Listing, proceed to our national site set up for us by the Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA).

Here is the

Once you’re there you will need to input your username and password. These words change periodically, so e-mail me if you need the new username and password.

Q. What should I do next, after graduation?

A. Immediately when you graduate, you should focus on three things:

  1. Perfecting your resume,
  2. Sending me your Dream List/Student Information page,
  3. Setting up your Externship/Guest Bartending.
Find detailed information on these 3 in the Job Placement guide you received in class; email me if you need another copy.

Q. I’m moving to a new location, can you help me find a job?

A. Yes! MWI is affiliated with 95 schools throughout the United States and Canada. They can assist you with your job search in your new home town.

To be eligible for this email me the following details:

  1. Where are you moving; specifically, near which major city?
  2. When do you plan to move?

I will send you information on which school to contact.  After acquiring the information, all you have to do is make an appointment with their Job Placement Coordinator and show your valid bartending certification card and diploma!

To finish, I’d recommend everyone read our blog on finding bartending jobs! It’s filled with research about how to land that one bartending job you’ve always dreamed of and what your expectations should be when going into interviews and negotiating salaries! It is located here: