Job Placement

If you are a bartending school graduate and need job placement assistance or refresher courses, please visit our Bartending School partner

Mixology Wine Institute offers graduates a free, unlimited, local and nationwide job placement assistance program. Our job placement director is always on the look out, constantly blogging on our website at our blog, and networking with other bars to make sure we always have the most up to date job listings.

For a more in-depth detailed FAQ about what Mixology Wine Institute offers for job placement, please take a look at our job placement FAQ.

To contact our job placement director for a job listing or for information about our job placement program, please call Jung Park at: 215-878-1300 or e-mail her at mwijobplacement (at)

If you are just starting your first job, or haven’t worked at a bartending job for awhile, you may be interested in reading about simple customer service tips that will impress your customers and feel more comfortable and confident at the job. Check out our Get Better Tips section for this information!