It’s never too late: Learning to Bartend for Retirement, over 55 etc.

It’s never too late: Learning to Bartend for Retirement, over 55 etc.

When we did our piece for Channel 6 (link below)

One of our students, Nick, was in his 60s, and another, Joe, was in his 50s.  They both found great jobs shortly thereafter.  One of the things that’s so surprising to our older students isn’t that they are too old, it’s how much they are actually in demand.

At Mixology Wine, we always prefer instructors that are at least over 35.  Not only do they tend to be more stable, but they have years of experience in the workforce, and they are much more responsible.  So many bartenders are between the ages of 18 and 26, and they’re great, but with all the actresses and college students, they’re not the most reliable bunch.

When you have excellent knowledge, and skills, it’s very easy, particularly in high end venues, to leverage maturity, responsibility, and integrity to land a great job.  It’s a wonderful contrast to Corporate America, which all too often is obsessed with newest late 20s early 30s Six Sigma MBA.

If you’re considering Mixology in any way, shape, or form, do not let age deter you.  Our oldest graduate, Roger, was 77 when he started the course.  A former professor at Drexel, he found himself bored and listless upon retirement, having been used to the energy and bustle of being around college students everyday.

Bartending didn’t just give Roger a job, it gave him joy, vitality, and a renewed sense of purpose.  After a couple days, everyone in class forgot about his age as he mixed, learned, and struggled, and passed along with classmates as young as 18.

No matter how old or how young you are, there are places that you love, and people you love being around.

  • Jon Bassinger-Flores

    This is great to hear! I tended bar at an AMC theatre for a year, but haven’t pursued it recently. I’d kind of like to get back into it, though, and at 50 yo, I needed the reassurance that I’m not crazy.