Community: Our Relationship With You Begins When You Graduate

Community: Our Relationship With You Begins When You Graduate


There’s nothing more stressful, challenging, and frustrating than finishing school, and trying to find a job.  Especially trying to find a job you really love, and that makes you feel secure, in this economy.  It’s easy to feel lost and confused.

Our Job Placement Director guides you in:

  • Professional, Unique Resume Skills that will get you noticed
  • Pictures that stand out
  • Interview Secrets: The 3 things you must say in every job interview
  • Personalized Job Search tailored to your needs
  • What Managers really want: Understanding the Hiring mindset
  • How to wear exactly the right clothes to immediately convey confidence, and what to never wear in a job interview

Job Placement is Lifetime, and that means that our relationship with you begins when you graduate.  Liz will work with you, stay with you, and support you, as long as you need.  She is committed to your success.

In addition to that, you’re also part of the community of MWI, including tens of thousands of graduates who have gone on to open their own bars, work in the industry, and become part of our community and network.