5 Questions with Job Placement Director Liz

5 Questions with Job Placement Director Liz

1.  Tell us a little about your background and how you became Job Placement Director

I went to Yale, where I majored in Art, but Yale is so extensive that I found myself taking in English, Math, Science, and I worked the Box Office at the Yale Theatre, and that was my first experience where I was in a very professional environment and I had to work really fast, I would see actors like James Earl Jones, and they were very demanding.  I have a teaching background, and it was always rewarding to build the confidence and skill set of my students so they could accomplish what they needed to accomplish and move to the next level.  Oddly enough, I was also an editor for a medical journal, which led me to be rigorously thorough, and very organized.

And I bring these skills to job placement, where I find fabulous jobs in places where our graduates really want to work, but more than that, I systematically teach them how to find their confidence and how to use that to get jobs they really want.

2.  Everyone talks about confidence as being the “secret” to success in finding a job, but it’s a little bit like saying love is all you need. What do you think confidence is, and how do you think it’s conveyed?

What people really don’t is that when you’re talking about really high level bars and clubs, the margin for error is very small.  You really need to know exactly what to say, exactly what your resume, and exactly what to wear and how to interview to get those jobs.  And there’s a very specific sequence of things you need to do, that we go over in the packet that I give to students that has this down to a science.

3.  What’s an example of one thing most people do wrong, that you can change immediately and get instant results?

As simple as it sounds, one of the biggest things is the phone number on your resume.  Many people have their phone number too small or they have multiple phone numbers, and the truth is, if they want you for the job they’re going to call you on the phone, and if it’s too much trouble for them to find your number in the minute they’re reading your resume, they’re just not going to call you.  And people hide it among their e-mail and other numbers, and it’s just not good enough.

4.  When you talk to Managers, what do you think is the number one reason that they make the decision to hire someone, especially someone who has no “experience” and is coming from our school?

The person that they hire represents that bar, and if they find the person that best represents what they do and their mission that’s who they’re going to hire.  And that’s where as long as your skills are solid, experience is really secondary to presenting yourself very effectively and in a way that really resonates with your employer, and that’s the difference with Mixology Wine Grads.

5.  What advice do you have for someone who is just starting class and is nervous about finding a job, and the economy, and if they have what it takes?

Well first of all, they’re coming in at the right time, because places to bartend are just exploding, the new restaurants and entertainment venues are all popping up now.  And these are the jobs that are popping up in this economy, and that’s where our people want to be.  And they should feel good about the fact that they’re getting the skills to fit right into this.