Learn To Mix Drinks

How to talk to your parents about Bartending/Mixology

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Maybe you’re still in high school, ok, maybe you’re in school with a heavy course load, maybe you’re not sure exactly where to go in life.  And maybe you saw a movie, or had a friend, or did a google search, and decided that learning to bartend would…

Bartending in College


Let’s face it, with the economy the way it is, and the rising cost of college, most students need some form of additional income to help pay for student loans, textbooks, and rent.  For students in Grad School, the demand goes up even more, because grad students tend to have a lot less free time, and a lot more financial pressure.

On top of that, most College students are really…

How Old Do I Have to be to Bartend?

One question that we see a lot with prospective students (and their parents) is if they are too young to bartend, or if they should bartend while in school.

At any given time at Mixology Wine, about 1/4th of our students are under 21.  Especially if you’re in school, it’s very easy to bartend before you reach the legal drinking age.  The only obstacle is the state that you’re in.

The “Star Trek” Effect

Have you ever seen them drink on Star Trek?  It’s amazing.  They say what they want, and the machine instantly generates the liquid, at the right temperature, in the right glass.  It’s perfect.

In Mixology, we call the process of making every drink look like it instantly materialized in front of the guest, that “Star Trek” effect, calling order.  Here’s how it’s…

Why Bartend? The Fastest Turnaround


We have a lot of students are Mixology Wine, from very different walks of life: Writers, Students, Ex Military, Nurses, Entrepreneurs, etc.

And they all transform their lives through learning the art of Mixology, but the question is, why?

What is the most compelling reason to learn this, and to do it professionally (for money).

The answer for most people, is…

Can’t I just work without going to school?

A lot of people feel that they don’t need to go through training to bartend, and they try to get jobs on their own, by knowing someone, or by working really hard as a barback, hostess, server, or cook.

Here’s the thing: It almost never works.  Every month, we meet with dozens of people who’ve been working in the industry for years, with the promise, and expectation that they’d eventually…