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How Much Do Bartenders Make? Some Research

We’ve heard the stories before.

The friend’s friend’s girlfriend who makes a thousand dollars a night and pays for her rent in 5 hours. The guy at the steakhouse who’s been there for 20 years, pulls in 6 figures, and gets comped tickets to all the Phillies games he wants, and the guy at the airport who gets hotel, travel, and a solid benefits package even though he doesn’t make as much as when…

12 Fashion Tips For The Rockstar Bartender

Jumpstart your tips and make a striking first impression when you interview by following these 12 fashion tips for Rockstar Bartenders

The Tip Number (and You)

These are the Google results for Bartenders on how to increase tips:

Don’t leave an empty glass in front of a customer.
Don’t Talk About Politics/Religion
Remember your customer’s names and favorite drinks.
Keep a neat and presentable appearance.
Don’t ignore people.
Don’t talk too much.
Don’t flirt.
Say Please and Thank You, especially when you hand…

How to Smile (For Mixologists)

Smiling is one of the first things we’re told to do as kids, but we don’t really know what smiling means or why it’s important.  As Mixologists, dealing with people on a daily basis, knowing how to smile can make a huge difference in increasing tips, and even getting a job.

Where does smiling come from?

Even though now people smile when they’re happy, that’s not where the act…

Ignore Your Tips to Make Money


Peter Clayton, the owner of the Bartenders Academy in Connecticut, wrote this incredible piece on how to really make money as a Bartender.  It’s so good, and the point it makes is so true, that we’ve decided to share it in its entirety:

Here is a tip that even experienced bartenders ignore.

If you want to be a great bartender, and make “bank” (big big bucks) from t…

5 Actions to Increase Your Tips and Confidence Overnight


When you’re a Mixologist, or a Bartender, just making the drinks, having technical excellence, is important, but even more important is how your guests respond to your personality, and how you anticipate their needs and create a unique experience.  At Mixology Wine, the Mixologist-Guest experience is sacred.  Here are five things that you can immediately do to not only make mor…