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Finding a Job After Graduation – The Walk-in Interview

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Liz here – proud Job Placement Coordinator for the expert schools of Mixology Wine Institute.  My blog efforts are geared to MWI grads and answers important questions about the job search process.

This blog’s focus deals with how to visit a restaurant and apply in person. If you’re a current student you may have already be planning to do a lot of that immediately after…

5 Questions with Job Placement Director Liz

1.  Tell us a little about your background and how you became Job Placement Director

I went to Yale, where I majored in Art, but Yale is so extensive that I found myself taking in English, Math, Science, and I worked the Box Office at the Yale Theatre, and that was my first experience where I was in a very professional environment and I had to work really fast, I would see actors lik…

Mixology and the New Economy

“I’m making so much money, here’s to never getting a real job.”

“So what else do you do, besides bartend?”

“I just want extra money, that’s all, I don’t want this to be a full time job or anything.”

“When are you going to get a real job?”

We hear this kind of stuff all the time at MWI.  The theme is always the same:

Bartending isn’t a real job.  It’s…

It’s never too late: Learning to Bartend for Retirement, over 55 etc.

When we did our piece for Channel 6 (link below)

One of our students, Nick, was in his 60s, and another, Joe, was in his 50s.  They both found great jobs shortly thereafter.  One of the things that’s so surprising to our older students isn’t that they are too old, it’s how much they are actually in demand.

At Mixology Wine,…

Community: Our Relationship With You Begins When You Graduate


There’s nothing more stressful, challenging, and frustrating than finishing school, and trying to find a job.  Especially trying to find a job you really love, and that makes you feel secure, in this economy.  It’s easy to feel lost and confused.

Our Job Placement Director guides you in:

Professional, Unique Resume Skills that will get you noticed
Pictures that stand…