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August Cocktails Part 3! The Summer Goblet!

The third edition of August cocktails is done by one of our instructor’s who goes by the pseudonym Amanda King. This drink is designed to cure the cranks and make those dull rainy days of Summer—FUN!  The best part of this drink? It tastes great even on a budget, and using our recommendations can be made for only ~80 cents a cocktail!

The Summer Goblet

(For more cool Goblets designed…

Bar Book Reviews: How To Booze Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice

How To Booze:

Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice by Jordan Kaye and Marshall Atelier
Imagine you have a refined, sophisticated uncle.  He looks good in tweed, and sports some devastating pocket squares.  But what comes out of his mouth is anything but, as he proceeds to give you unsolicited and quite useless advice on how to stalk your ex, sleeping with an ugly member of t…

August Cocktails Part 2! Sorrel Summer Tea!

“To make the drink is simple… to prep the drink takes some love….”

–     Adam Kanter, MWI Cherry Hill’s convivial instructor speaking on the old Rum Bar classic, Sorrel Summer Tea


1 oz Atlantico Reserva Rum
1 oz Banks 5 Island Rum
3 oz Sorrel Tea Mix

Simply combine ingredients over ice; shake; strain over fresh ice. Grate fresh nutmeg on top.

To make t…

Cocktails in Literature #2

What gets us to drink the drinks we drink?

The answer: It probably all starts with a name and a long story that tells us why we like the name.

Ian Fleming’s showed this fantastically in his book, A View to a Kill:

James Bond had his first drink of the evening at Fouquet’s. It was not a solid drink. One cannot drink seriously in French cafés. Out of doors on a pavement in the sun is no…

August Cocktails Part 1! Summer Punch!

Luciano, the Italian fire breather and lead instructor at MWI Philly, concocts his latest Summer Punch on a mighty index card. The drink is so good, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to eat the index card. 
Summer Punch Ingredients:
Ketel One Vodka

Crème De Cassis

Fresh Lemon Juice

Simple Syrup (Sugar and Water)

Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine)

Garnishes: Oranges,…

The Royal Sidecar at the Library Bar, Rittenhouse Philadelphia

I visited the Library Bar, coming in like a wayward soul on a silent summer evening. Philadelphia has a lot of cocktail bars, there’s the “No Soup For You!” rambunctiousness of Lee at Hop Sing. The two sided coin of Franklin Mortgage and Ranstead Room, juxtaposing baroque innovation and simplicity within a few blocks of each other, the surprising ethereal country elegance that is Farmers Cabinet, and the excellence of Lemon Hill. But…There’s something missing. A bar in the classic style: Luxurious, exclusive, welcoming, equal parts formal and friendly in the style of the 1890s that seems to have been forgotten by most (the great Japanese bars excepted). In short, a bar as a refuge.

Cocktails in Literature #1

The Mixology Wine Institute likes books. Especially books that mention cocktails. etrade site down . And when they’re done wrong, but written well, they make it all the more interesting!

At one point Terry Lennox, the scarred war veteran in The Long Goodbye written by Raymond Chandler, mentions:
“A real gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s Lime Juice and nothing else. It beats martinis…

The Businessman and the Barman

The Businessman and the Barman

Imagine there are two cousins, Steve (Esteban), and Charlie (Carlos). They both move to the US from Latin America when they are teenagers. Steve’s family is comparatively well off, and they send him to a four year school, then back for his MBA, and he gets a job in corporate America. Charlie has more trouble, his family isn’t as well off, and his father falls ill, To support the family, Charlie enrolls in a bartending school, and after a few weeks, starts working in a bar.

SELF KNOWLEDGE (adapted from Mark Twight)

Assess your personality before learning mixology. Are you an engineer or are you an artist?

Some people approach bartending like an engineering problem, solvable step by step. They create drinks in a quantifiable way, investigating multiple recipes, flavor compounds found in wild vs. store bought strawberries, trying multiple recipes and weighing the proportions, and interviewing others to…

Dating Mixology: Building the Home Bar Part 2

This is the second part of a series, to read part 1, go here:


in part 1, we talked about the essential spirits and cordials you need to procure to have an incredible home cocktail bar, in this part, we’re going to address the other, oft neglected, 2nd part:

The Mixers.

Why are Mixers neglected?

I can’t tell you how…