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Where to buy Barware

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Buying great bar tools can be incredibly frustrating. I got a message from someone who viewed the post on Japanese bartenders asking where he could get beautiful, aesthetic bar equipment like the Yarai mixing glass used in the video. While there used to…

The Great Japanese Bartenders

If you are a bartending school graduate and need job placement assistance or refresher courses, please visit our Bartending School partner

Attention, not money, or even time, is the most precious thing we have. And it’s so difficult in today’s world, especially in a bar environment, to be completely in the moment.

When I watch excellent bartenders, they seem to disappear into what…

The Aviation (Luxardo Part 2)

This is a continuation from the post on Luxardo Maraschino, to see that post go here:


The Aviation

If Luxardo is Vivian Leigh, the Aviation is Gone with the Wind.  It’s difficult to imagine the excitement young Mixologists had, researching this drink from the annals of the past.  It must have been a revelation.  W…

Luxardo, Maraschino, and intro to the Aviation

Batman and Wolverine working together to make the best cocktails

Today I’ll examine the Luxardo—it’s history, it’s unique bottle, the surprising cherries it uses, and some surprisingly delicious that are unique to this cordial.

Luxardo – Some History

Luxardo was founded in the city of Zara, on Italy’s Dalmatian coast.  What’s interesting, is that, while Zara used to be part of the Venetian serenissima Republic, upon its collapse at the end of t…

People Tip Differently for Drinks vs. Food

Quick question:

Say you’re at a bar, and you order a drink. Not too cheap, and not too expensive…Say, five dollars. How much would you tip?

If you’re like most people to whom I ask this question, and I ask it every time I meet a prospective student, you usually tip about two dollars. If I ask another question, like “how did you come up with the two dollar amount?” They will often respond…

Cocktails in Literature #3 Hangman’s Blood | A Highwind in Jamaica

Even when people don’t speak the same language, alcohol is a powerful speaking and marketing tool.

Consider This:

Imagine you just plundered a navy ship full of children and rum. Now you have to sell your loot in a country where no one speaks your native language to survive. What do you do?

Captain Jonsen from A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes has a simple solution. Get everyon…

How To Make Your Resume “Pop” | 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Resume Noticed

If you are a bartending school graduate and need job placement assistance or refresher courses, please visit our Bartending School partner

It’s tough to find people who are good.  And people want to find people who are good.  This article teaches you three techniques that will help your resume “pop” like a comic book picture so that people will notice you.

Technique #1

Use the logo…

Flair Bartending is Beautiful

I woke up this morning to a strange e-mail in my facebook.  It was from Kushal Poudel.  Kushal is a flair bartender in Las Vegas, arguably the epicenter of the flair world.  And it’s a video of him performing in Nepal.  I’ve seen so much flair over the years, that I’ve become a little numb.  The sound of tins clanging on the ground of the hollow polyurethane practice bottles spinning is…

How to survive a Philly Night Market

The night market arrives without warning.  Well, there’s a website, but foodie foreknowledge in no way diminishes the effect.  A few blocks away from south street, the flow of people starts to thicken.  They have loose smiles, shiny eyes, and their breathing accelerates as they reach the controlled sprawl of tents and trucks.  The air is thick with anticipation.  It’s time to do what…

Bar Book Reviews: The Cocktail Lab

I see the future of molecular mixology in this book.

For all of the travelling he does, and as much as he waxes poetic on the street food culture of Vietnam, nobody has promoted orgasmic culinary experiences like Anthony Bourdain.  It’s impossible to read him and not want to surrender your credit card, dietary restrictions, and soul to an austere omakase specialist, fantasize about the Frenc…