Bartending Classes

What are Bartending classes? There are many different classes when it comes to Bartending, and each one is completely different from the other:

1) Martinis and Manhattans
2) Sours, Margaritas, and Daiquiris
3) Old Fashioneds and Accented Drinks
4) Tall Drinks
5) Hot Drinks, Digestifs, and Cream Drinks
6) Finding a Job/Bar Psychology
7) Punches, Sangrias, Mocktails
8) Shooters

73 Hours of Intense Hands on Bar Training

With bartending you can’t lie.  You look at someone, and you can tell.  Are they fast?  Do they have confidence?  do they have a personality?  Do they know what they’re doing?  And is that the guy you wanna see?  Is that the bar you go back to?  Or does it just blend?  Is it just another pretty face, a nice menu?  Or…is there something that makes you stop and say wow!  This is my…

How easy is it to learn hundreds of drinks?


Good Mixologists know a lot of drinks.  There’s no way around it, there’s just a solid amount of drinks that you must know, and this is very intimidating for most people.  Especially when a lot of books on the market organize drinks either alphabetically, or by spirit (rum drinks, vodka drinks).

There’s the great quote from when the first Mac personal computer came out,…

What’s the Class Schedule?


Because our students come from such a wide variety of occupations, and have different scheduling needs, we adapted a system that enables them to finish classes based on their needs.

There is a total of 10 possible classes, that can be taken in a week.

They are:

Monday-Thursday 1-5

Monday-Thursday 6-10

Saturday- 10-2, 2-6

We leave Fridays as an open bar for students…

How is the Classroom Set Up?

The set up of our classrooms at Mixology Wine is designed to simulate a bar environment.  There are two things that are key, when it comes to how a bar is set up:

Speed, and Efficiency- A Bar is set up to let the Mixologist work as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.  When you’ve learned the system, it will be as intuitive as typing on a keyboard, because everything is…