The Souped Up Screwdriver

The Souped Up Screwdriver

The idea for the Souped Up Screwdriver came when my best friend Ari bought a Mustang to work on and eventually race.  He named her ratchet, because, well, she needs a lot of work.  We don’t know all that much about cars, but fortunately, Ari is an engineer for the Navy, and at the shop at the Naval base there are a few guys there who love working on cars.  We’re learning a lot as we go, and I really like the idea of taking something, and working with it to increase it’s potential.

So I wanted to take a drink that was pretty simple, and see if I could make it better.  It’s hard to get more simple than a screwdriver, the drink has a military background and history, because you used the screwdrivers to mix the vodka and orange juice, and was drunk countless times by guys working on machines.  I wanted to add a little inventiveness and fresh ingredients to this drink, and see if I could layer it and make it more sophisticated, while still retaining it’s essence.

Instead of using regular Vodka, I opted for Grey Goose L’Orange, and I added some blood orange bitters (found in Williams Sonoma) for complexity.  Instead of using regular orange juice from concentrate that’s usually found in bars, I wanted to use a variety of fresh ingredients to really add to the flavor profile of the drink.  I’m a strong believer that it’s better to spend a little money on fresh ingredients and mixers and make a couple signature drinks to wow guests, rather than stocking a bar with every conceivable liqueur and having normal or sub par mixers.  I decided on using blood orange juice, orange juice, and clementine juice together.  I was able to get really good orange, clementine, and blood orange juice at whole foods.

I mixed it together for the staff and it worked out really well.  Rich said it was the best screwdriver he’d ever tasted.  It’s a really simple recipe, but the layered citrus flavors add complexity without changing it’s character.  It’s one of the most popular drinks we’ve made so far.


1 Part Grey Goose L’Orange

2 Parts Orange/Clementine/Blood Orange Juice (1/3 of each)

Splash of Blood Orange Bitters