Jell-O Shots + Art = Yes

Jell-O Shots + Art = Yes

When you cross the boundary from Bartender to Mixologist, you pass through a gate:

Abandon all shots ye who enter here.

Of the 25 essential drinks covered in the Barsmarts training module, 0 are shots. In all of our 100+ posts, none have been about shots.  Tony Abou-Ghanim’s classic The Modern Mixologist suggests them only in basic bar ware, and as a receptacle for Limoncello.  What gives?

With rare exceptions (Fernet Branca, Limoncello), Mixologists shun shots. For two reasons:

  1. Shots are seen as misguided children of the 80s, sexually explicit, simple, drinks made with sub par ingredients. They are the enemy of refinement, of sophistication, of single malts and silver fizzes.
  2. In boozehound, Jason Wilson describes Mixologists as “cocktail geeks.” He’s right! A lot of us were not cool in high school. We stayed home and watched Buffy while shots were illegally and illicitly consumed at the parties we weren’t invited to. Now that we have a cocktail renaissance on our hands, complete with conventions, competitions, and Dita Von Teese vampirically offering up Cointreau, we’re finally cool now (mom was right!). So of course we hate shots, those symbols of fraternal debauchery that were long denied us.

And what could be more juvenile, more crass than the Jell-O shot?  That party staple that slithers down your throat and slowly incapacitates you with the karmic vengeance of all those gummy bears whose heads you’ve bitten off.

But shots are left out of the fun, which is why I was overjoyed when my best friend, who introduced me to the savage fury of Jello Shots all those years ago, forwarded me the link to My Jello Americans, two girls from Philly, that make their own Jello Art masterpieces.  Here are my favorites:
Monarch Butterfly

Peach Tea Iced Tea 

Jason Voorhees

Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

The Saint Germeanie

Seeing as how the creators live in Philly, hopefully we’ll see more stuff from them soon.  These creations are incredible.