How To Make Your Resume “Pop” | 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Resume Noticed

How To Make Your Resume “Pop” | 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Resume Noticed

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It’s tough to find people who are good.  And people want to find people who are good.  This article teaches you three techniques that will help your resume “pop” like a comic book picture so that people will notice you.

Technique #1

Use the logo or a picture of the bar in your resume and cover letter.  When you apply for a job, take a moment to copy and paste the logo of the bar you’re applying to.  In most cases, this is easy to do by looking at their website.  Another option, especially if the bar is smaller and doesn’t have a prominent logo, is to go on yelp, google images, the website, or Instagram, and get the best, highest resolution picture you can find, and put it right on top of your welcome letter.  The effect of this is palpable.  For one thing, half of the game of getting your resume read and considered at a high level place is getting it noticed in the first place, and when a bar owner sees their picture or logo on a stack of resumes, they are instantly drawn to your application because they are not sure what it is yet.  It could be an important document, something they need to file that was misplaced by accident.  And they will have to see it just to make sure.  More than that, it shows that you did research and that you really care about working in the place.  If you’re using a picture, and you picked it out of a lot of available choices, you should write about it in your welcome letter.  Say something like:

“I was on Yelp looking at reviews for your place as part of my research, and I came across this picture.  It reminds me of the first time I had a Guinness and it was poured perfectly at your bar.  Since then, I’ve wanted to work there and be the guy who gets to serve someone else Guinness, maybe even their first Guinness.  I even know how to make a shamrock on top of the pint, I spent two weeks practicing!”

Technique #2

Describe yourself, how you’d fit the place, and how you’d grow together in your cover letter.  This is where you talk about your skills, and how you’d feel you’d fit the place.  It’s important that you’re honest here, and talk about how you’d genuinely like to help them move up to a higher level.  It’s also important to show that you’ve given the bar itself consideration, and that you show that in your writing.  Something like:

“When I was at the Mixology Wine Institute, I really enjoyed their Wine Seminar.  The Sommelier there, Ron, is an expert on Italian wine.  I followed some of his recommendations, tasting a bottle of wine every week, and I fell in love with Barolo and Barbaresco.  Last week I discovered Barolo Chinato, and I’ve been pairing it with chocolate at the end of my meals ever since.  It would be great to offer guests this kind of a pairing at the end of a meal.  I noticed that there were, unfortunately, a few negative customer service reviews regarding wine service on google in the last six months.  I hope that my skills and professionalism can be of service to “overdeliver” a great wine experience to future guests.

Technique #3

Post It Note: Name + Smiley Face. In a research study in which eye movements were tracked, two things were guaranteed to get someone’s attention immediately.  The first was their name, and the second was, strangely enough, a simple smiley face.  After finishing an interview with a hiring manager, take a moment to attach a post it with a very simple message:

(their name)

Thanks! 🙂

-Your Name

It sounds silly but it’s surprisingly effective according to the research.

(Image Credit: Devinthecool @ Deviant Art)