French Fireflower Tea

French Fireflower Tea

So the core of this drink came from the combination of Domaine de Canton and St. Germain.  I’d taken to drinking these two together with Fiji Water for a while, just to appreciate how good they tasted.  I wanted to make a drink to showcase that.
We used Pomegranate green tea as a filler, because it was mellow enough not to get in the way, like a liquor would, but distinctive enough to add character to the drink.  I tried out a bunch of green teas, sweetened and unsweetened, and I tried varying amounts of POM.  Finally, and it’s embarrassing to admit this as a tea snob, but I ended up loving the Archer Farms pomegranate green tea from Target.  It was perfect.
Rich and I experimented with different garnishes, but adding ginger seemed to balance of the drink too much.  Adding Pomegranate seeds was messy and annoying.  And we took a page from the bubble tea we both love and decided to add pomegranate infused cassava pearls.  Which are really easy to make tapioca bubbles.

The name came because we’re using two French liqueurs, and the ginger gives it a fire, and the elderflower is a flower.  The tea is…tea.  I just like name fireflower, I think it reminds me of something from…my childhood.

The Drink:
1 Part St. Germain

1 Part Domaine De Canton

2 Parts Pomegranate Green Tea

The Garnish:


1 Cup Large Tapioca Balls

6 Cups Water

Pomegranate Juice

Cooking Instructions:

1. Soak Tapioca Pearls with Pomegranate Juice for at least 24 Hours.

2. Bring 6 Cups Water to a rolling boil, then gently add the pearls.  Stir immediately to avoid the pears from sticking to the bottom of the pot or to each other.

3. Boil the tapioca pearls about 30 minutes with the cooking lid on, stirring occasionally.

4. When 30 minutes are up, turn off heat.  Stir one last time, cover and let the pearls steep for 20-25 more minutes in hot water.

5. Drain the pearls and rinse with cold water, until the water runs clear.

6. Place pearls into a container and add Pomegranate juice.

7. Allow a few minutes for the pearls to absorb the sweetness of the juice before serving.  Refrigerate!