Flair Bartending is Beautiful

Flair Bartending is Beautiful

I woke up this morning to a strange e-mail in my facebook.  It was from Kushal Poudel.  Kushal is a flair bartender in Las Vegas, arguably the epicenter of the flair world.  And it’s a video of him performing in Nepal.  I’ve seen so much flair over the years, that I’ve become a little numb.  The sound of tins clanging on the ground of the hollow polyurethane practice bottles spinning is familiar to me now.  I’m used to thinking about flair in a sort of box:

-As a way to make more tips.

-As a way to bring people to your bar.

-As a way to make yourself indispensably cool to your employer.

Seeing this video in Nepal, outside of the context of the bar, before I had time to label it  I have to express my tremendous respect for the hundreds of hours of quality practice required to achieve this level of movement.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thank you for sharing Kushal.