Barside Astrology: aries

Barside Astrology: aries

by Ori,

If you’ve met with me over the last few months, there’s a pretty good chance Astrology has come up in conversation.  With most of the people I meet, I ask them what kind of bar would make them the most happy to work in when they graduate, and a lot of them aren’t sure.  I’ve been getting into Astrology lately, and I’ve found-strangely enough-that it’s been a pretty good indicator of where a person should work when they complete our program.

So after about three months of interviewing guinea pi-students, I feel it’s time to share some of this information with everyone.  This is barside astrology, where the good, and the bad of your sign is explored and we’ll finish with a recommendation of where you should work.

ARIES: MARCH 21st to APRIL 20th


Aries is the alpha male, or female of the zodiac.  A masculine, cardinal, fire sign, you’re known for your independence, competitive energy, and exhibitionism.  Fire signs want to show the world what they can do, cardinal signs are leaders and initiators that sometimes have trouble following through with their ideas, and masculine signs are more prone to act than react.

On the positive side, you can be a fearless badass who doesn’t hesitate to lead the charge and who your friends and coworkers draw strength and enthusiasm from.  On the negative side, you can be an overcompetitive brat who shoots first and asks questions later.

You don’t like to waste time, if you didn’t think something was a good idea, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place.  You’re out to make as much money as possible, to make as many friends as possible, and frankly, you don’t really feel like engaging in long emotional conversations.  You have an adoration for all things military, and tend to see life and your job as a sort of war.  The best job for you is one that maximizes your impulsive leadership and energy.

You need as much action as possible.  The best possible place for you is a turbocharged nightclub.  Mixology for you is an action movie.  You’re not intimidated by the crowd, you’re at home in the fray, slinging drinks to patrons with that gregarious smile on your face, and you like how by the time you remember to look at your watch, it’s already closing time, and you can take that mountain of tips and go home, possibly to get ready for your boring routine day job as an ambulance driver or death row lawyer.

The picture above is courtesy of Intoxicated Zodiac (, where you can find out about the connection between cocktails and astrology, buy incredible conversation starting shot glasses, and find out the ideal drink for your sign.