August Cocktails Part 3! The Summer Goblet!

August Cocktails Part 3! The Summer Goblet!

The third edition of August cocktails is done by one of our instructor’s who goes by the pseudonym Amanda King. This drink is designed to cure the cranks and make those dull rainy days of Summer—FUN!  The best part of this drink? It tastes great even on a budget, and using our recommendations can be made for only ~80 cents a cocktail!

The Summer Goblet

(For more cool Goblets designed like this go here:


3/4 oz Ginger Brandy
3/4 oz Peach Vodka

Fill (2 1/2 oz) Cranberry Juice (Trader Joe’s Unfiltered 100% Cranberry Juice recommended)
Top (1/2 oz) with Black Currant Juice (Trader Joe’s Black Currant Juice recommended)
Splash (1/4 oz) with Sour Mix (Trader Joe’s Margarita Mix

Enough ice to fill half the goblet.

How to make:

Get a Goblet.  Fill it half with ice. Pour the Brandy and the Peach Vodka.  Then fill with ~2 1/2 oz of Cranberry Juice.  Try to make sure that there’s a little bit of room to top and splash with the Black Currant Juice and Sour Mix.  Stir it and enjoy!

Budgeting the drink:

One of this drinks best selling points is that it tastes delicious EVEN when you’re on a budget.  The following are my recommendations for what alcohols can be used to make the drink.

Leroux Ginger Brandy can be bought for $9 a bottle.



New Amsterdam Peach Vodka retails in the $8-10 a bottle range

Lastly, the Trader Joe’s juice is really good, not from concentrate, and not too expensive. A 64 oz. bottle of these mixes will set you back about $4 a bottle, and they’ll last for quite awhile! Making 100 of these great cocktails will cost as little as:

$80!!! or in other words… 80 cents a cocktail.

Cost Breakdown:

$27 for 3 bottles of Leroux Ginger Brandy

$30 for 3 bottles of New Amsterdam Peach Vodka

$16 for 4 64 oz.  bottles of Trader Joe’s Cranberry Juice

$4 for a bottle of Trader’s Joe Black Currant Juice

$4 for a bottle of Sour Mix

$a few for the ice.


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