What’s the Class Schedule?

What’s the Class Schedule?


Because our students come from such a wide variety of occupations, and have different scheduling needs, we adapted a system that enables them to finish classes based on their needs.

There is a total of 10 possible classes, that can be taken in a week.

They are:

Monday-Thursday 1-5

Monday-Thursday 6-10

Saturday- 10-2, 2-6

We leave Fridays as an open bar for students who want to practice, and Sundays are reserved for Seminars.

The average time to finish at Mixology Wine is 3 weeks, but day, evening and weekend classes can be easily combined (classes are non sequential, so they order in which they are learned is immaterial) to finish training faster or slower.

Over the years, we’ve had everyone from College students working 2 jobs, to Flight Attendants, to Corporate Executives with almost impossible schedules finish classes and excel at their own pace.